Shimane beach report

Simply beautiful… The weather was incredible, even with +50 SPF sun cream carefully spead by my girlfriend all over my body, I managed to catch a few sunburns. The beach was very quiet, just a couple dozen people enjoying the sea. For a comparison, I would say the place looks like a beach on the Mediterranean sea, but with pristine water. More photos on my flickr page.

Aiko in the room

Our hotel was once more almost perfect, a great find from my girlfriend. The room was a mix of modern and traditional designs, and the bath on the balcony was overviewing the forest. The only downside was that the futons were a little thin. This ryokan also gets my seal of approval and I encourage any of you to stay there if you’re ever in the neighborhood: 樋口旅館 in 有福温泉.

Little beach trip before Obon

Next trip of the summer will be 2 days in the Shimane prefecture, enjoying the beach on the Sea of Japan and a nice ryokan in an onsen town. Once again, the schedule will be very tight: I’ll leave Tokyo Monday evening, meet my girlfriend as she leaves from work and spend the night in Hiroshima. Then we’ll take a 2 hour bus ride on Tuesday morning through the 中国山地 to the other side of the island on the 日本海.

overview of the trip

There we’ll enjoy a nice day at the beach. My girlfriend has been there a couple of times and assures me the beaches are beautiful. Since 島根県 is the second least populated prefecture of Japan, I hope overcrowding will not be a problem.

the room we booked with its bath

We’ll then spend a night in a very nice ryokan, once again with a 露天風呂 in the room before heading back to Hiroshima where I’ll take the plane back to Tokyo and my dull job…