8 thoughts on “Suicide Club”

  1. Shit you look so fucking stupid! a suicide club thats never dies? i wish i was so fucking cool. lets hurt each other.
    Just do as you like with your life..dont follow the system

  2. You Guys are all fucking stupid!!! you are the kinds of people thtat make me sick and make society seem like an imoral piece of shit! Do me a Favor and GO FUCKING KILL YOURSELVES!!! exept for the blnde babe… she can join my group… the under the sheets club;-)

  3. i wanna join…plz plz. oh btw i love the pic, that guy with no shirt on is sexy.

  4. i stumbled across this pic and for some reason i cant take my eyes off it

    your faces. wow.
    theres something about it, kind of reminds me of those photo’s of families or people or whatever from the 1920’s where they’re just looking into the lens.

    “Fezzz” stfu. you just epitomised the fucked up narrow mindedness, arrogance and ignorance in the world.

    But yeh :) good stuff.

  5. o wow people are fuckin stupid they have no idea! well i luv the pic. i want in!!

  6. wow……

    what can possibly make life that bad for you guys that you feel that you need 2 act like that?

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