New Google Maps

Apparently, it’s it’s been live for 2 weeks now, but it’s the first time I notice it: Google Maps has been updated for Japan! It’s now much more readable with full-width characters, building elevation, 2 more zoom levels, brighter colors and at last hybrid view.

new map for shibuya crossing

And the best part, we can now see the underground parts of train stations in light red with the exit numbers. Here is for exemple Shibuya crossing.

Fun Fact: I never noticed, but the sheer number of MacDonalds in Shibuya is scary…

One thought on “New Google Maps”

  1. Quand tu places l’image en mode satellite, tu peux voir qu’il y a des gens qui ne traversent pas sur les passages pietons ! Ou est donc passée la discipline ? Je suis sur que ce ne sont que des Gaijins. Pfff.

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