Air France is so generous

Air France, a member of SkyteamThis morning I received a postcard from Air France Japan. Here is what it says:

Early holiday season gift for you!
It’s that time of year when we all get excited about going home, but how exhausting all the preparation can be! That’s why we are delighted to offer you a comfortable chauffeur-driven ride between your residence and Narita airport. All you need to do is call our Call Center and book tickets worth a total of at least ¥400.000 in Economy, Business or First Class.

That’s soooo generous of you Mr. Air France!

One thought on “Air France is so generous”

  1. You’re French and living in Japan, you are therefore probably considered by Air France to be a well-off expat. If you’re traveling business class (possible, especially if your company is paying for it), or with your family during high-peak season (i.e. Christmas beak IS only two months away, thus the offer Air France sent you) … well the deal is maybe not that bad. Imagine your having to take a limousine bus or the train (for some reason you don’t have a car yet) with your wife and two children … I find the sound of a chauffeur and the hasslefree service that goes with it suddenly sounds pretty sweet :-)

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