7 TV Shows of the moment

For the past 2 and a half weeks I’ve been leaving work between 10PM and 11PM every night. This is why I’m not posting so often, I don’t do much outside of work, except for watching my weekly TV shows downloaded from bittorrent.

So I might as well talk about my current viewing list. These days I watch these shows every week.

Returning shows:

  • Lost: slow start for the 3rd season, I hope their just using these first episodes to setup something good
  • Prison Break: 2nd season is kind of messy compared to the first one, we lost the whole “Everything is planned and tattooed on my body” aspect of the show from the first season, but conspiracy theory part is getting bigger and bigger and I love it
  • Stargate SG1: it’s getting pretty lame, but after 10 seasons of watching this show I just can’t get myself to stop [in recess right now]
  • Stargate Atlantis: what can I say, I’ve got a Stargate addiction [in recess right now]
  • Nip/tuck: I didn’t even know they were doing a new season after last year’s finale, but it’s still alive and kicking, even more crazy sex than before (the part with Dr. Troy fucking a mother and daughter together in the first episode was totally awesome)

New shows:

  • Heroes: really slow start for this one, I almost dropped it after the 2nd episode… I’m so glad I didn’t, it gets exponentially cooler every week. I love the 2 japanese characters, they’re hilarious and the best part is that I can now understand 90% of what they say
  • Jericho: follow the people of Jericho, Kansas, when one day all the big cities in the US get nuked at the same time. Cool conspiracy theory stuff coming up, I can’t wait to know more.

I usually keep the Lost and Jericho episodes for watching during the train ride to Tokyo on Friday night and back on Monday morning. It’s just the right length, and watching it on the Powerbook on my lap is relatively comfortable even in crowded trains.

One last thing, for 24 fans, you should check out the season 6 trailer, it looks really cool. I can’t wait for January for it to start again.

5 thoughts on “7 TV Shows of the moment”

  1. I feel the japanese of the heroes guys quite weird, or I’m just not used to a japanese actor acting as a westerner.

    No DH in your list? Season 3 looks as exquisite as the previous ones

  2. Not bad all those shows. I thought about a new Nip Tuck season, but thought it was simply crazy. I’m glad, andcan’t wait to see more!
    MAN I wish I had ADSL and download Heroes (saw previews and was intrigues)…

  3. nope, I never jumped into the Desperate Housewives bandwagon
    I might take it up in a couple of weeks when all the shows I’m currently watching stop for the holidays

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