Still no Wii

This morning they had a raffle for 30 units at my local 7eleven Holdings’ Itoyokado (that’s a department store). I got there at 9:45, grabbed a ticket and came back at 10:30 for the results.

They had distributed 74 tickets that were supposed to count only for 42 units since families were supposed to have one ticket for each person but only take one Wii. But of course, it got out of hand and none of them would give away their tickets if they won. One chick redeemed 4 winning tickets… Of course, with my luck, I got nothing… Bastards…

One thought on “Still no Wii”

  1. je pensai spas que c’était aussi dur de trouver une wii au japon. Je suis passé en prendre une samedi dernier a la fnac, malgrès ce que l’on peu lire en france sur les difficulté c’est du pipeau, nintendo fourni 100 000 wii par semaine pour la france (source direct de nintendo france) après c’est les boutiques qui créer un effet de manque. En tout cas bon courage…

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