Lightopia around Tokyo Station

This Saturday I went to 丸の内 around Tokyo station to see the Christmas lights and, much to my girlfriend’s dismay, I took a bunch of maniac photos with my trusty Ricoh GR Digital.

tokyo station sans cars - on flickr

I had seen an advertisement for the Christmas lightings in the train. It’s an event called Lightopia. They lit up the 2 Marunouchi buildings in emerald green, put a bunch of candles on the Wadakura park next to the Imperial Palace and of course dressed up all the trees on the street to Yurakucho.

But the real thing I wanted to see are those Citysphere contraptions on the square in front of Tokyo station’s Central Marunouchi exit, but it won’t be up until December 26, tomorrow. I’ll have to go check it out again next weekend.

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