Almost dead

So I arrived saturday afternoon in Hiroshima, it’s now wednesday evening and I’ve only started visiting today… Why? would you ask me. Well as soon as I got here I fell sick with influenza type A as they told me at the hospital on my 2nd coming…

tamiflu is my friend

I peaked somewhere at 39.5°C and was litteraly stuck in bed (people who know me know I’m rarely sick and take my word seriously here) for 3 days until a nice doctor finally gave me that wondrous drug: Tamiflu.

They say here on TV that Tamiflu gives you hallucinations. My girlfriend even locked the windows of our bedroom to prevent me from jumping out if ever I were to believe I could fly, like a japanese woman did last week. Well I can’t say I saw any hallucinations but I had really weird dreams that night…

3 thoughts on “Almost dead”

  1. Thats horrible man. Morikawa-san also fell sick earlier this week, he actually took monday off.

    Hope your feeling better.

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