What’s better than the snow in Hokkaido? The food of course! Every time we’ve hit the restaurants over there, it was like we were discovering a whole new level of Japanese food.

the crab on the plate

Say to a Japanese person you ate 蟹しゃぶ (crab legs splashed in boiling soup) in Hokkaido and you will see them shed a tear of jealousy every time, I guarantee it.

cooking it shabu-shabu style

Who can blame them, it really was the best crab I ever had in my life…

5 thoughts on “Kani-shabu”

  1. WOW … Looks delicious …

    Is the boiling soup only used for cooking the crab legs or do you drink it afterwards ? And if so, could you please give the ingredients of the soup plz ?

  2. no, you normally don’t drink the soup, although you can if you really want to
    however, you eat the vegetables/noodles/tofu that are inside

  3. I’ll try to find something similar in Tokyo because I don’t think we can find the exact same anywhere outside Hokkaido

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