Back from China

So I’m back from China and it wasn’t as bad as my colleagues led me to believe. Of course, I stayed only 5 days there and he spent 4 months. I doubt I could’ve stayed sane more than 2 weeks over there.

snozing outside the taxi

Anyways, it was cold, filthy, totally disorganized and did I mention it was cold? See this photo of the snow from the taxi bringing me to work. I thought I was going to die 4 or 5 times during this ride…

4 thoughts on “Back from China”

  1. Marwan, you’re officially crowned “king of the car blind test”
    yes, 90% of the taxis there are old VW Jettas, the rest are mostly VW Santana
    can you guess there’s a Volkswagen factory in Changchun?

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