I signed!

a nice John HancockThis morning, after almost 2 weeks of negociations between HR, my boss and I, I signed my employment contract at Valeo Thermal Systems Japan.

I’m hired for 3 years in a position slightly higher than I had before. I’m staying on the same project and on the same team but I’ll drop all the basely technical stuff and focus entirely on functional definitions and architecture of the application we manage.

It’s a big relief for me as I will not have that pending visa expiration constantly nagging me and I can start thinking of my longterm life here in Japan.

It also means I’m gonna start paying taxes… It sucks… I guess the universe has to balance itself, to each action a reaction.

6 thoughts on “I signed!”

  1. congrats’

    you should’nt start paying tax (for real on a full year basis) before july 2009, so enjoy for the time being!

  2. Hey


    Je suis egalment en contrat local depuis qq mois. Gnlment tu negocies un net et la boite se charge des tes impots…
    M’enfin si tu as besoin d’un petit avis sur le “package: secu, rapatriement, vieillesse” n’hesite pas!!!



  3. les impot sont prélevés à la source ici au Japon, donc c’est rien de tres special
    quant au package sécu, je n’ai que la retraite, pour la santé j’ai une sécu privée Japonaise qui ne rembourse pas aussi bien que ce que pouvait me fournir Labalette pendant mon VIE

  4. Time to update your “Expiration of Visa” in your upcomming events.
    And add another event by the way. “Marwan being my friend again” and the answer is NEVER. There was a time when they would kill the deserters.

  5. Congrats for your contract.
    You must feel so much relieved.
    I expect to get mine soon during this month… yeahhh.
    Anyway, good on ya mate !

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