Shiodome Park Hotel – 33rd floor

Since my girlfriend is in town and I have tons of vacations to take before the end of my contract, I organized a special night out in Tokyo with her last week. I’m such a romantic guy…

First we went for drinks and dinner at her favorite restaurant: T.Y. Harbor Brewery in 天王洲アイル. It’s a Californian cuisine restaurant in a sort of hangar (not the old crummy ones, the cool ones that they transform in loft apartments and hype designer offices) right on the canals of Shinagawa. The place also brews it’s own beer in big vats behind the bar. Dinner is a bit expensive at 5-8,000¥ per person but the food is really delicious and the portions are big.

33rd floor view of Tokyo Tower from Shiodome

Then we headed to our hotel: the Park Hotel Tokyo in 汐留メディアタワー. I had booked a room with a special plan guaranteeing a window facing straight on the Tokyo Tower. We had a little scare as we came in the room at 12:05am and as I opened the curtains I couldn’t find the tower: they had turned off the lights! I was really pissed… As my girlfriend had forgotten some cosmectics at home, we headed down to the combini at B2 level and as we came back we had the good surprise to see the Tokyo Tower had been lit back on. I took some cool shots of the view, check them out on my flickr page.

4 thoughts on “Shiodome Park Hotel – 33rd floor”

  1. I never went to the bar in Cerulean tower so I really can’t compare.
    However this one has a very nice bar/lounge with occasional jazz concerts on a barge tied in front of the restaurant, check it out on their website

  2. oh, I meant the bar at the Park Hotel, I really like the Cerulean for the view on the city, opened late at night and not so expensive (table charge of 1000 yens, cocktails around 1500).
    As I lived closed by Shiodome I would love to find such bar at walking distance from my place.

    Anyway TY looks nice too.

  3. we arrived at 12:00am at the hotel so the bar was already closing down and we had enough drinks at the restaurant
    can’t help you this time man…

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