I found an apartment

After waiting a week for an answer from the owner to the real-estate agent, we finally called him up yesterday and were told the apartment was ours.

my new apartment in Shiki

Now all I’ve got to do is have my company sign all the papers and we can set a date to move-in, hopefully by the beginning of November. I will be living in a 60m2 2LDK apartment on the 6th floor of a brand new building 2-minutes from Shiki station on the Tobu Tojo line. That’s 20minutes from Ikebukuro by express and 37 minutes from where I take the company’s bus in the morning to get to my office.

3 thoughts on “I found an apartment”

  1. “Secom Securtiy, bien aussi.”

    Le japon est un pays tellement peu sur.. :-)

    C’est cool la banlieue, c’est po cher.

    Bon emmenagement.

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