Surf or Study

Sunday December 2nd is for many of us in Japan the dreaded day of 日本語能力試験 – also known as JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test. But this weekend is also the start of what looks like the best ski season I’ve seen since I’ve come to Japan.

Kagura ski resort or Kanji?

Trying out my new snowboard gear on 130cm of snow in Kagura or studying for the 2級. It’s a tough call…

5 thoughts on “Surf or Study”

  1. It seems like you have become one of those white-powder addicts. Looking back five years ago, I remember our trip to the Alps for your first experience on the icy slopes.

    I can still feel the hard mean finger of your mother poking me in-between the ribs while she threatened: “You look after him… And don’t you let him hurt himself!”. What she meant was if anything would happen to you, she would suck my eyeballs out and make them eat to my parents.

    Now you have fled at the other end of the world with your snowboard on your back, a prophet of the snow.
    Sometimes at night I still dream that you die in an avalanche, that your mother comes creeping from under my bed and jumps on my face with a rusty spoon… Then I wake up, I check the lock on the door, and go back to sleep, worried.

  2. yep, i’m becoming a snow addict, i’ve got the expensive gear to prove it
    but i really need to get in shape if i want to enjoy it, not end up on my knees after 3 cutbacks in the powder…

    as for you, i’m sure you’ll be a surfing god in no time over there in South Africa
    just be careful of the great whites :)

  3. w00kie, they are looking for someone to replace Keanu Reeves in Point Break 2 – you should apply boy.

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