Ricoh GR Digital II – Best Seller

Still haven’t decided if I’m going to get me a new GRD or not, my finances look bleak so it’s probably going to be a no-no. But according to the sales ranking of cameras in Japan for the month of November, many people don’t have the same qualms as me:

Ricoh GR Digital II

It shot straight to 1st rank right out of the drawing board. Impressive for such a special camera, definitely not aimed at the basic consumer. But as a friend of mine always tells me: “Don’t under-estimate the power of the Japanese otaku…”

3 thoughts on “Ricoh GR Digital II – Best Seller”

  1. why? personally I hate the little shiny brushed metal cameras
    this is the cool, old-school, sturdy look that I like

    you have to remember, it’s not a pocket camera for the consumer, it’s more of a professional camera that fits in your pocket, an extension of a DSLR

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