Another tip about teeth

I just received the new Health Insurance Bulletin from my company and we have a new installment of my favorite healthy advice series about dental hygiene:

A tip about teeth
Winter is here.
Do your teeth feel sensitive when you bite into something cold?
It might be a gapalong the line between your teeth and gums.
This happens when you brush your teeth with a strong scrubbing motion from left to right.
Brushing this way can wear down your teeth.
Try visiting your dental clinic to ask which method of brushing is best suited to your teeth, before they become damaged.

Japanese people must really have weak dentitions, seeing as most of the toothbrushes you find in the stores here are softer than mohair, I really doubt you could damage your gums with that. Not as funny as the last one where they we’re looking to cash in on any opportunity to remove my teeth

2 thoughts on “Another tip about teeth”

  1. This is serious man! I damaged my enemal this way. You must have a circular motion starting on the gum; never brush directly on the teeth!

  2. だって〜 c’est pas en mâchant de la soupe miso, des sushi ou du mochi que tu te fais de bonnes dents !
    Heureusement qu’on a la baguette, ce pain si dure pour les Japonais.

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