Bought a new camera

I bought a Nikon D60 this weekend for ¥37,000 with a cashback I’ve got to fill out that’ll get me a further ¥5,000 off.

As you can see I’m having a lot of fun with the DSLR, shooting RAW and messing around with Aperture. I’m hoping I’ll have tons of cool photos coming to my flickr stream and this blog as I start to get a handle of my new toy.

6 thoughts on “Bought a new camera”

  1. well the previous version of the 50mm lens was not motorized and since the D60 has no focus driver on the lens mount, I wouldn’t get any autofocus… kind of a bummer don’t you think?

  2. Je suis en gros flemmard, je répondrai en français, désolé.

    Au temps pour moi, je pensai que seul le D40 ne possédait pas de moteur, dans ce cas c’est un judicieux choix.

  3. You have the coolest camera at work which I have been wishing since many months. I need this to publish my painting on my blog to sell them. Hopefully I shall get mine next month.

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