Airline ticketing bullshit

I was supposed to go to Paris with my girlfriend next week, but I suddenly have to cancel for various reasons. Checking the calendar, we decided we could report the trip to August and match it with a friend’s wedding in Rome.

So I cancel her ticket first, which was an award ticket so it was rather easy. Then looking at my ticket, here’s what I find in the oh-so-buggy Air France website:

  • It would cost me ¥650.000 to change my ticket, including the ¥15.000 modification fee

650.000 yens for changing my ticket

  • On the other hand, I could cancel my ticket for ¥30.000 and buy a new one for the exact same flights for ¥175.000

new ticket for 175.000

I’m calling the reservation desk Monday to see what they’ll say (because of course there is no way to cancel the reservation online) but I’m sure they won’t even blink…

3 thoughts on “Airline ticketing bullshit”

  1. haven’t canceled my flight yet
    but yeah, it seems i’m not coming, although if you look closer at the dates i’m trying to change the ticket to you’ll see i’m trying to come to Marc’s wedding, so all is not lost

  2. in Tokyo right now, as in NOT in Paris…
    sucks, but I’ve confirmed my flights for August so I’ll be there for the wedding

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