4 thoughts on “completely lost in mansion typ…”

  1. Just go with fiber:
    a) there’s only one carrier (NTT got a monopole until next year)
    b) it’s cheaper because they are desperate to get you now (once their monopole is over, they get to keep all the suckers^W customers they have acquired by that time)

    Also: it’s damn fast. :-)

  2. HikariOne is not fiber?
    I’m moving in a gigantic tower mansion (400 apartments) so it’s not like I can go FTTH. I do have LAN in the walls though, and the mansion website says I can choose between HikariOne and NTT Flets.
    This means they both have a big special switchboard underground the building from which they send me the network to a switch in one of the closets which redirects to each plug in the walls.

  3. but then I have to choose an internet provider ontop the network provider
    if I go through the HikariOne or Flets website to show me direct me to available provider, they want to charge me 20.000 yen for opening the line
    if I go through kakaku.com to find the cool campaigns with 65.000 yen of the yearly price, I’m never sure the deals are actually compatible with my mansion (name of the building doesn’t always pop up in their 申し込み process)

    it’s a nightmare

  4. Arg. Yes, it doesn’t sound simple. Mine was much simpler since it essentially came down to telling NTT: “hook me up”, then pick one of the provider (I don’t think it matters to much, I went with OCN: they were adequate) and they did everything else.

    Also, it seems like I am behind the times and fiber was finally opened to competition (I got mine last year).

    While I’d be tempted to tell you to go with the “little guy” and shun NTT’s monopoly, I’m half sure there’s a whole lot of small trouble on every corner for the non-monopolistic network provider, so it’s a tough call.

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