New show – Dexter

I’ve added a new show to my weekly rotation. It’s named Dexter and it’s just the kind of show I like in a Nip/tuck kind of way.


Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall from Six Feet Under, is a blood splatter specialist for Miami PD. But that’s only his day job, at night he sheds his fake identity and goes back to his real self, ie. being a serial killer.

The show is totally politically incorrect. Dexter spends his days being nice to everyone, all the while narrating about his feelings (or lack thereof). There is a new serial killer in town and his job is to help the police to find him, but in fact he’s really competing with him.

I highly recommend this show if you’re not already overflooded like me…

7 thoughts on “New show – Dexter”

  1. Sounds neat.
    But I am kind of disapointed since I had a similar idea that wouldn’t seem original anymore!

  2. Ive been watching Dexter now for a few weeks,i started watching all the episodes on much on demand ,and im totally addicted.I cant wait now until next season.If you like Law and order,CSI and them sort of shows your going to love Dexter.I think this shows going to be a big and i hope you all get a chance to watch it and like i said next season cant come fast enough for me!!(lol)

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