The Spammiest Spam Ever

Today, I was checking out the daily comment spams that are caught by my trusty Spam Karma 2 filter and I encountered the king of spam comments, the one that trumps them all. It single-handedly boosted my average spam karma tenfold.

Spam Karma: -546053
-2.5: Encrypted payload valid: IP not matching.
-10: Fake Javascript Payload.
-9.9: 1 blacklist match. (442 = [x1])
-546030.28: Comment contains: 0 linked URLs and 1011 unlinked URLs: total link coef: 758 >= threshold (2). Non-URL text size: 29790 chars.

Of course I will not paste the content of the spam here, it would defeat the purpose of my spam filter, but the sheer number of URLs in the body of the comment, 1011 all of them in plain text and all on the same domain, is by itself impressive.

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