I’m officially cursed

That’s it, it’s official, the verdict has been given: I’m cursed.

Today at lunch time we went out with a friend to an electronics shop deep deep in the countryside, 15 minutes away from the factory where we work, hoping to score a Wii so we could play some Wii Sports goodness for a week before he leaves for a business trip in Europe and me in China. We had the perfect target, almost 30min by car from the nearest train station, they had to have some stock left.

We park the car next to the entrance, not many people buying TVs or fridges at 12:15 on a Monday. I go straight to the games corner, spot the Wii display and check out the little holders where they have the cards you bring to the counter to get your machine… All empty…

That’s when I turned around and to tell my buddy and I saw a mother and her 6-year-old daughter holding a Wii card in her hand.

I missed it by a couple minutes. Meanwhile I see reports all over the japanese blogosphere of people just stumbling on mountains of Wiis, lying there for the taking…

3 thoughts on “I’m officially cursed”

  1. meuhhhh non tu vas en avoir un dans pas longtemps…

    Et privilégie Wario a Wii Sport (elebits a l’air fun aussi), ou alors achete moi ma version de wii sports :-)

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