No Wii for me

So I went to Shinjuku’s BicCamera at 5am on Saturday morning (btw, it’s incredible the number of puke puddles you can find around Koenji in the early morning…) hoping to score a Wii. Here is a map of the line I found there:

The line was closed, BicCamera people were watching it every 15 meters with big signs saying SOLD OUT and there was a cop at the back of the line in case to support them. We asked the Bic guys who told us the first in line had been there 3 days and they sold out Friday night a 8pm.

People there we’re really organized. I didn’t see any cosplay but they were all sitting on carton boxes, covered in space blankets (the gold-aluminum foil kind) with stacks of Boss coffee cans and cup noodles, playing on their DS lite in their finger-cut gloves.

So I just gave up and went back to bed. To my dismay, I later heard half a dozen reports of people buying Wii all over the weekend in various places (Don Quichotte, Kiddy Land, etc.) but I couldn’t find one myself when I woke up again around 4pm and went around little electronics shops in the suburbs.

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