Night at the Onsen

So as I told you, last weekend I went to stay the night at an onsen resort and I’m having mixed feelings on this little trip.

I went to the Plaza Hotel in 鬼怒川温泉. The hotel was celebrating the 1st anniversary of its renewal, so we were hoping for something really nice. And the photos on the website were true, the hotel was totally new, the rooms looked great… well all the rooms except for 2 floors out of 12… our room being located in one of these unlucky floors…

So instead of a cool, modern, zen style room, we got the old, dusty, mom-and-pop’s ryokan room. What a let-down…

Anyways, apart from that the food was excellent (as you can see in the photo below) and the private open-air onsen in little wooden houses up a trail in the mountain was beautiful.

dinner in the hotel room on flickr

The next day, we considered going straight back to Tokyo since it was raining so bad, but just when we arrived at the station the rain stopped miraculously. So we went to visit 日光 as planned. It was my second time but a first for Aiko and she really liked it. However we missed the last bus to the waterfall and a thick fog fell on the mountain so I still haven’t seen it…

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