Momiji Lightup

Momiji – 紅葉 – is the name of the Japanese maple tree, but it can also be read Kouyou, which is the color the leaves of trees take in autumn. Watching nature around this time of year is a huge event in Japan, almost as big as the cherry blossoms in spring.

So last Saturday I went to a park in the north of Tokyo to see a lightup, an event where they light up the best looking trees around the park at night so you can sit under them drinking 抹茶. The park was full of young couples, old women, and of course photo otakus with all their best gear on hand.

momiji lightup in komagome

If you want to go see it, the park is open every night until December 7th. It’s in the 六義園 close to Komagome station on the Yamanote. All the info is on this website.

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