Onsen nation

Next weekend is a 4-day weekend (well, it is if you take two days of since my company doesn’t care about official holidays). My girlfriend and I wanted to make a little trip, so we did what any japanese would do, buy a travel magazine, most of which selling you a one-night trip to an onsen.

Jalan - a travel magazine specialized in Onsen

You see, heaven for a japanese is a nice view, good food and a hot bath; and anyone who’s come to Japan and tried an onsen knows it ain’t a bad ideal. So all those magazines come out every month full of hundreds of onsen hotels where you can spend a night (rarely more, as prices are prohibitively high) soaking in your private bath watching the stars, eat traditional food (usually fish) and sleep in a nice futon.

It’ll be a first for me, sleeping at the onsen, so I’ll be sure to make a detailed report of my experience when I come back.

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