Short Kyushu escapade

Still jetlagged from the US, I’m already back on a plane: I just bought my tickets to Hiroshima for next week. My girlfriend has 2 days off Wednesday and Thursday so I’m taking the opportunity for a little R&R.

And since I’ve pretty much seen all there is to see around 広島, we decided to head down to 九州 for a night in an Onsen in Beppu. Just look at the map and see why this is going to be interesting…

map of my trip - will take around 6 hours

Yep, all of that traveling for one night there. Next day we’ll head back to Hiroshima see the family and on the 3rd day I’ll be heading back to Tokyo. Long distance relationships… しょうがない!

very very nice onsen hotel

At least, for all our trouble, we booked a really nice hotel with a really nice room. Check out the website, we’re getting the F-type room, hopefully with the round bathtub. 別府 is renowned as the 温泉 town, with the largest number of hotsprings in Japan and the second largest volume of hot water (behind Yellowstone, thank you Wikipedia).

I didn’t want to renew last year’s fiasco in Kinugawa so we decided to forget the budget this time. Be on the look out for some great photos next week.

3 thoughts on “Short Kyushu escapade”

  1. You see?… that’s what I told you… Law of Probabilities! after bad times comes the good times!… unfortunately that works vice versa (^_^)
    Wow that’s a great place to spend the night!

  2. I have tons of time free for traveling, but unfortunately, my girlfriend’s schedule is quite the opposite
    so we try to make do…

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