Cursed business trip

I’m in Detroit Metro airport waiting or my flight back to Tokyo from my 1 week business trip to the US and I hope my troubles are over. Here’s a quick list of the problems so far:

  • In NYC on the first night, my friend got strangled by a crazy drunk jock as we were coming out of a Japanese restaurant close to his place. The jock finally let him go and went on to hit another random guy a block away. He wasn’t hurt but we had a good scare.
  • When going to Greenwich Village to buy a bag my girlfriend asked me to bring back, I got fell into the Gay Pride parade and got stuck for over an hour trying to wade through the crowd back to Broadway.
  • On the flight from NYC to Dallas, I was randomly selected for a special security check. Random is the word, it’s the second time out of 2 US flights I took since 9/11.

SSSS over and over again

  • My flight today from Dallas to Detroit was cancelled and rebooked for tomorrow 6AM. I will have to wake up around 3:30AM to leave at 4AM for the airport.
  • I was randomly selected again 30 minutes ago after checking in for my flight to Tokyo. This time the machine smelling explosives started to beep and the officer called a supervisor to recheck my bag, pat me down and ask me a bunch of questions…

Just a 13 hours flight left to go and I’ll be back home in Japan, safe from all this crazy stuff. I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Cursed business trip”

  1. Is your friend in NYC bibi??? If yes, you should give the team some more!

    Hope you make it back in one piece.

  2. just arrived home in Japan
    the flight was hell, I was in a 747 from the 80’s, meaning NO TV and NO MOVIES and NO POWER for my laptop

    how can this still exist in 2007 on a trans-pacific flight?

  3. You should saves those experiences for a plot in a film… (^w^)
    Yay! what a bunch of hysteria around the world!
    After some irritating times comes the funky times!! LoL

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