Cerulean Tower – 34th floor

Last week, since my girlfriend was moving, we had no place to stay in Tokyo for her last night (after the movers took everything and we gave back the keys). So since she didn’t exactly looked forward to the idea of staying at my place, Saitama being far from romantic, we looked for a hotel.

Her ex-company had a special Christmas hotel package going on and since she was still technically an employee, we got to book a night in a City-view room of the Cerulean Tower Hotel in Shibuya for a very decent ¥20.000

We ended up getting probably one of the nicest room of the hotel: 34th floor (top non-private-suite floor) with view of Fuji-san. I had to whip out my camera.

cerulean tokyo view on flickr

Funny thing: the guy with the room next to ours had ordered a call-girl, she rode the elevator with us going up, stopped in front of the door, checked the email order on her keitai and her skirt and fuck-me boots before knocking and entering…

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  1. A friend of mine is currently staying at this hotel, surprised because he works in a ケッチ company he told me he could get a 50% discount by booking months in advance on some hotel discount website. Lowering the basic rate to a decent 15 000 yens could bring some ideas if you enjoy staying at the hotel.

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