Got me a new TV

Tonight, most of my favorite shows come out of christmas recess:

  • 24 (after the first 4 episodes were shown 2 weeks ago 2 days in a row)
  • Prison Break
  • Heroes

And this makes me happy. Why? Because last week I bought a new TV, being fed up of playing the Wii’s Zelda on the old piece of shit I bought from a fake sayonara sale. It always took 3 tries to turn on and the colors were totally washed out.

my new tv

I got myself a SHARP LC-32BD2 for the ridiculous price of ¥109,000, that’s 630€ with the current exchange rate. It’s a 32″ that does 720p (I don’t think full 1080p HD warrants the 100% price increase), with all the HDMI, DVI, Component and D-端子 plugging goodness.

Next in line for the home theater buying frenzy is a Mac mini to stow under the TV and play all the HD content that I couldn’t not appreciate until now. However, I’m low on cash so it’ll have to wait until the new versions come out and I’m finished paying back my student loan. In the meanwhile, I’ll get a DVI cable and plugin my Powerbook to the TV…

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