I can barely move

This saturday I went to Naeba in Niigata-ken for my second snowboarding trip of the season and I had a horrible day.

Through a combination of sleep deprivation, bad physical condition and poor equipment, I could barely make a turn 3 hours in the session. That and I went there with two of my friends who dragged me offtrail in a really nice slope of deep deep powder. That was great but it literraly finished me…

Net result of the day:

  • I could barely move out of my futon to my sofa the next day…
  • … and when I got to my sofa, I could barely sit on it. I fell on a little mound of ice in the middle of the powder run, right in my tailbone. I have a huge bruise the shape of New Zealand right in the crack of my ass.
  • My sunglasses somehow fell out of my jacket’s inside pocket, probably in that same powder run. I had just bought them 2 weeks before, they were prescription lenses and cost me a fortune, I’m really pissed about it.

they were such cool sunglasses

I think I’m going to pass on the weekly ski trips for a while…

4 thoughts on “I can barely move”

  1. It sounds as if the w00kie is already upset.

    That really sucks about your glasses.

    I’m glad I had a chance to ride with you though, it was a fun day. Found some more crazy runs the next time you feel like going out of bounds. Just let me know.

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