Racist magazine – 外人犯罪

After seeing a blog post about this magazine: 外人犯罪, I knew I had to buy it before it goes out of print. So yesterday after work, I went straight to the Familymart 30 meters away from my home and purchased a copy to keep as a collector’s item.

Gaijin Crime File

It’s a special edition magazine about foreigners in Japan and the crimes they commit, perpetrating the idea that the gaijin community (and especially the Chinese and Koreans) are the source off all the problems in an otherwise perfect Japanese society. This theme has been very popular on TV lately…

Gaijin Crime File - interracial couples

Especially keen to me is that page about interracial couples, with very interesting comments accompanying the photos (see the flickr page for translations of some of them).

I might be really naïve and know I should be offended and outraged, but I find such material fascinating as it reminds me that this is an inherent part of the Japanese society in which I’ve been living for over a year and wish to stay much longer. I had a good laugh at it and so did all my gaijin friends at work to whom I showed the magazine.

The guys at Japanprobe.com are staging a boycott of Familymart and want to take action against the magazine’s publisher.

11 thoughts on “Racist magazine – 外人犯罪”

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m in the process of scanning the magazine page by page: when I’m finished I will post the entire book as a torrent.

  2. it’s seems to be always the same case on the photo gaijin boy and japonesse girl not the other case. Do you ever had some bad reaction in japon because your’re white and your girlfriend japonesse?

  3. Kapoue> a japanese guy with a white/black girl (as opposed to chinese/korean/filipino or asian in general) is an extremely rare sight here in japan
    I personally have never been made to feel the target of racist behavior, be it alone or with my girlfriend

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  5. Candyland:
    “qu’il existe ici une remarquable tolerance envers les groupuscules nationalistes et l’extreme-droite, quelque chose de difficile a imagi…”
    Dans la bouche de français c’est un peu l’hopital qui se fout de la charité. C’est pas en France qu’on balance des arabes dans la Seine pendant la manif du FN lors la fête de Jeanne D’Arc ? C’est pas en France qu’ un parti d’extreme-droite négationniste est arrivé second a une élection presidentielle ?

  6. WOW! Dude!
    I need to show this to my wife! This is awesome. It’s a Retro KKK magazine!

    But Since I came to JP, nobody ever treated me badly.BTW, nice to meet you dude!
    I’m glad you didn’t escaped from Japan. As I heard that thousands flew back to EU and americas.

  7. Man, I Just realized that this post is from 2007.
    Perhaps you wont reply me,lol.
    Are you still in JP?

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