FON Anniversary Campaign in Japan

If you’re in Japan and you want a free (or almost free) WiFi router, here’s your chance.

La Fonera +One year after its introduction in Japan, the FON network gives away their Fonera routers for free this weekend only: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December. These cool little boxes let you share your connection safely with the public, and if you do you’ll be granted free internet access through all the other boxes in the network: 208.000 access points around the world, 25.000 in Japan only.

I got one for free 1 year ago when they did the same campaign for the launch, it’s a nice initiative.

2 thoughts on “FON Anniversary Campaign in Japan”

  1. You mean over 600 000 access points over the world. 9box is now part of the FON community, and it seems BT will be joining too.

  2. en tant que membre de la communauté Fon depuis pas mal de temps, je viens de recevoir trois routeurs FON, que je peux distribuer à qui je veux
    Bon, elles sont en France, mais c’est disponible sur simple demande. Il doit aussi encore me rester une Fonera (sans routeur), depuis que je l’ai remplacé par un routeur FON

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