3 thoughts on “AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G”

  1. try to use it on portrait : with a 1.4 you should have eyes focused and the nose already blurred.

    what is the closest you can get from a subject ?

  2. Closest focus is at 45cm, magnification ratio 0.14x. Not a macro lens by any stretch.

    Highest sharpness with this lens is obtained at f/2 (till somewhere around f/4). Wide open is ok for candid hanheld indoor shots when flash is not an option, but if you have enough light, then f/2 not only gives you better contrast/colours, but also gives you enough DOF to make sure the eyes of your subject will really be in focus.
    The focus plane at f/1.4 is so thin that unless you’re on a tripod and your subject is perfectly still, chances are your picture won’t be tack sharp.

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