Alone at work for Christmas

It’s christmas day and I’m at the office, working…

Actually, it’s nothing unusual for Japan where the 25th is a day like any other day. But this year is special: you should know that I work for a big French automotive parts manufacturer, and this is not a very fun time for us.

Car production is down ~30% over all the industry, which means we also must cut our production by 30%. So our manufacturing plants all over the world are shutting down 1 or 2 weeks early for new year vacations.

But then, since part of my job is support, not only for Japan but for all our plants around the world, I have to be there in an empty office in an empty factory on Christmas day in case the phone rings or an email comes in requiring my mad skills…

*crickets chirping*… yeah, right…

One thought on “Alone at work for Christmas”

  1. Bon courage, pour la longue journée que tu as devant toi. Le point positif c’est que tu peu préparer pleins de blagues à tes collègues sur leur bureaux

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