For all the hundreds of people waiting for their JLPT results to arrive and coming to my blog via google searches, know that this year’s score slip has arrived yesterday in Japan. As I was expecting, I failed level 2 again for lack of studying…

JLPT 2008 score: 217/400

  • Vocabulary/Kanji: 58/100
  • Listening: 81/100
  • Grammar/Reading: 78/200

Yep, 23 points short… I guess I’m up again for the June session…

6 thoughts on “JLPT Fail”

  1. I failed too man, I just know it… Worse still, I STILL have to wait 3 more weeks for the results in this country. I studied like a mad-man the final week, but listening absolutely murdered me; couldn’t make out words even in the most common 100 basic words blaring out of that boombox.

  2. everyone I know who was passing 2-kyuu this year in Japan failed
    either it was especially hard this time, are all the people I know (me included) are slackers…

  3. I’m in japan actually french just like you, I though I have failed because this year we had an hard one but I passed it ! (61% ouch..) It was the first time for me, can’t believe it.

    Good luck to you guys, keep in mind that’s the most important is to have fun with it.. (except if you need it to work…)

    Wookie tu peux m’dire pourquoi on devient si fainéant à étudier le jap en vivant pourtant ici ? ya un truc qui m’échappe là…

  4. m… said:
    w00kie, can you tell me why we become so lazy studying Japanese in Japan?

    well I don’t know about you but I have a full-time job, so I don’t have that much time to study and the little time I have, I’d rather spend it having fun
    although I am very lucky to have Japanese lessons paid by my company on office time, without which I just would not study at all

  5. I know I am going to fail too….Chokai was really bad….I hope they send the results quickly and get it over with…..it comes to India in the second week of March…:-(

  6. ohh man..! I found the level two super difficult as well–and I barely passed, I got about 61%. I am going for the level 1 in december though…汗汗
    Good luck to all!!

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