JLPT Results craze

The results for the 日本語能力試験, more commonly known as JLPT 2008, should be getting in everyone’s mailbox in the imminently and it shows:

big jump in stats

Visits to my blog post of receiving the results last year have been spiking in the past week.

Good news: a colleague of mine got it in the mail this morning before coming to work, so most people in Japan should have it tonight or tomorrow.

Bad news: the people at the JLPT organization are mail nazis (not delivering the papers if your name is not on your mailbox, imposing crazy processes to let them know you changed address) and since I moved just before taking the test there is a pretty good chance that I will never receive the damn results.

20 thoughts on “JLPT Results craze”

  1. actually, I received my results in the mail this weekend, somewhat late…
    I thought my score would be miserable but I managed to hit 50% without studying anything for the test
    considering the passing score is 60%, it kinda makes me feel a little stupid, I could’ve passed if I had deigned opening a book this time

  2. 50% is great without studying, good luck this December, I’m sure you will pass

  3. Hi..
    I am from india
    Is results of the exam conducted on December 07 2008 is already published.
    Which URL we have to check to get the results..
    Please let us know


  4. Yeah, I’m also in Japan, also haven’t received mine yet… but I haven’t changed address and my mailbox is clearly labelled… -_-

  5. Yeah, I’m still waiting for my results, too. I’ve heard of a couple people who have received them already, so it should be any day now.
    You kind of made me paranoid about the “having your mailbox labeled” bit, so I went down and labeled it just to make sure (although no one else has theirs labeled).
    Anyway, good luck to everyone.

  6. Hey,
    I have received the results of JLPT 2008.
    I passed with a score of 350 out of 400.
    Cheers to all.

  7. If anybody know the URL to check the results, please share. we are eagerly waiting for JLPT 2008 results..

  8. there is no way that I know of to get results online, at least if you took the test in Japan
    US or Europe might have different systems

  9. For those who took the exams outside of Japan, the results usually takes a longer time to be received.
    Need to wait maybe 2 weeks on top of the release date. On JEES site, it says the results were released on the Feb 13, so good chance, the rest will be on the last few days of Feb. The site hasn’t update the overall results too.

    Still waiting for mine…

  10. At least for here in the US, your results will be available at the end of February on the My Account page on the JLPT website:

    I’m very worried about not receiving the mailed results, which I need in order to forward to a school in Japan. I forgot to update my info with my new mailing address until Feb 20th, when supposedly results were mailed from Japan on the 13th? So I no longer live at the school dorm address they had for me, I hope to god it gets forwarded to me. >_____<

  11. guys i am 13 years old. i completed my level 4 this year. i got an ok score… just 374/400… ha ha ha…..

  12. If anybody know the URL to check the results, please share. we are eagerly waiting for JLPT 2008 results..

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