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I received my 日本語能力試験 (otherwise known as JLPT or Japanese Language Proficiency Test) results today after more than 2 months.

JLPT result sheet

No surprises, I passed. Actually I got a nice 87% but it was only level 3 which is not that hard. I probably could have made level 2 with a lot of work and dedication, but I didn’t feel like investing so much in that last year.

Here is the official description for level 3:

The examinee has mastered grammar to a limited level, knows around 300 kanji and 1,500 words, and has ability to take part in everyday conversation and to read and write simple sentences. This level is normally reached after studying Japanese for around 300 hours and after completion of an elementary course.

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  1. Yo wookie,
    c’est will. Je cherche des infos sur le JLPT et je suis tombe sur ton site.
    (J’adore Internet pour ca). Heu… bon je vais vraiment chercher maintenant mais si tu pouvais m’ecrire a mon adresse perso axichoueurd et me dire ou m’adresser, avec qui quoi ou qu’est-ce, ca me fera surement gagner du temps.
    Je vais tenter le JLPT4 dans les prochains mois.
    Ton blog est nickel,
    bonne continuation et au plaisir.

  2. C’est simple, t’as qu’une seule session par an debut Decembre.
    Les inscriptions commencent le vers la fin de l’ete. Si t’es a l’etranger, tu peux t’inscrire sur internet. Si t’es au Japon, il faut aller acheter un formulaire d’inscription dans une librairie et l’envoyer en recommande par la poste avec le recu de paiement (via un ATM de la poste).

    English version:
    Simple, there’s only one session per year in early December.
    Signup starts in mid-summer. If you’re abroadm you can register and pay on the net. If you’re in Japan, you have to go buy a from in a bookshop and send it with proof of payment (you have to pay in a post office ATM).

  3. j’ai pas dis ca
    j’ai dis que si j’avais bosse comme un fou (contrairement a reposer sur mes acquis comme je fais en ce moment), j’aurai probablement pu l’avoir

    mais comme j’avais pas le courage de bosser, j’ai prefere passer le 3kyuu d’abord, on verra l’annee d’apres pour le 2kyuu

  4. C’est leger quand meme 87% au niveau 3 quand on est au japon depuis plus d’un an…
    Allons, du nerf, que diable !

  5. I want to see my result. When will JLPT result will be declaring. Please let us know

  6. results of JLPT 2007 were sent from Japan on February 4th and everyone I know here in Japan received it yesterday, February 6th

  7. Hi,

    I’ve passed JLPT level 4 with 98% marks. I was wondering from where could I know my rank /position .

    Could you help me with that?

    Thanks.Awaiting revert.

  8. HI!

    Thanks for your revert..I was wondering if they at all have any ranking and how to know what’s the highest score this year at Level 4..


  9. I just got a notification today about 2008 JLPT results being available on the web. I passed level 2!!!

  10. hi there..
    got my result for level 4 2009 given in the month of december.. got 336/400…. damn…was expecting more..i goofed it up in the grammer section.. dammit!!! 84% by the way

  11. Hi, any idea where I can view the results for jlpt 2010 online????if yes, please provide me the link

  12. I want to know my N1 result,I appeared in the exam this month.Please send me the wedsite where I can find out or know about the result.

  13. I am a third year studdent pursuing electronics and communication engineering now in my college. I learned japanese as an additional course. I have appeared for the n5 exam in july 2011 but i was not able to clear the exam. And working hard on it i applied for the same in dec 2011 and appeared for the exam and waiting for my results. But i feel it to be very difficult learning for the exam. Please do give me some advice on how i should score well in my exam.

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