6 thoughts on “need to buy new headphones for…”

  1. I bought this adapter via Amazon when I was back home. About $7 with shipping. http://bit.ly/9PNyz Apple iPhone Stereo 3.5mm Audio Converter w/ Microphone For iPhone 1G
    Works with 3G as well. You can use any headphones you like and it has a button and clip as well. Just wish it had a volume dial. I switch out depending on mood. I use some over the ear sonys with retractable cord (they also have a bluetooth version–not interested in Bluetooth?) but in the summer they are hot so I’ve used ear buds or an older pair of sony behind the ears.

    You may be able to find something similar in Akihabara or one of the Chinese shops that do free international shipping, e.g., Brando, etc, may have something similar.

  2. Yes, I suppose that can be a problem, although in the situation I outlined above the over-ears have a retractable cord and the behind-ears have a short cord. When used with other headphones you can always use a cord wrapper to take up the slack.
    I’d like to just go bluetooth and be done with cables but the button features on the iphone are the only things that make it usable as a DAP on the train. Most of the time I just use a nano for audio and the iphone for internet/apps.

  3. I don’t really believe in bluetooth headphones, aren’t they a big drain on the battery?
    newer versions of bluetooth might have fixed it but I’m skeptical

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