Server move

This blog, as well as all my other personal websites, used to be hosted on servers provided by MacBidouille (which I’m co-founder of). However, sharing a server with other people and services was starting to feel a bit restrictive (I couldn’t easily move from Apache to nginx or support IPv6) so about a year ago I decided to move to my own little VPS box.

I started out with Gandi Cloud VPS and it was fine, but last week I decided to trash that and shop for something better. I chose Linode and I must say I’m very happy.

  • Gandi VPS – 1 share – 16€/month (1556¥) for 256MB of memory. Server was hosted in France which was very slow for me.
  • Linode 512 – $19.95/month (1568¥) for 512MB of memory. Server can be hosted in Tokyo datacenter which is super fast and responsive for me.

So for the same price in Yen (thank you super low exchange rates), I get a server with twice the RAM and hosted right next door. Also Linode has a much nicer admin interface (Gandi is pretty messy and slow):

linode dashboard

Added advantage of hosting my own server: since I changed job last year, I don’t get to play with linux at work anymore (or any technical stuff actually), so this way I compensate a little bit for my technology withdrawal….

Update: oops! I just realized that Gandi has recently increased the minimum specs of their hosting service, so I could have had a 512MB memory box for the same price since June, making it pretty much equivalent to Linode… Well anyways, the added performance of having the server in a datacenter in Tokyo is invaluable.