iPhone in Japan: it’s the new Wii

So people have been lined up in front of the flagship Softbank shop in Omotesando since Monday, all reservations that were taken in the first days after announcement have been canceled and now my friend Jon tells me that he called the main Softbank shop in Kumagaya, Saitama-ken and they are having a raffle for what will probably be 5 measly units on Friday.

japanese crowd can be crazy

If you want to get an iPhone here in Japan, you’d better start tossing a lot of 5円 coins at the local shinto shrine to buff up on luck and scour the raffles every weekend arount the countryside as we all did 2 years ago during the darkest times of Wii hunting.

Note: the photo is one of mine at Meiji shrine for New Year, that’s the image that comes to mind when I think about a crowd in Japan…

Update: Jon won the lottery and got his iPhone, only problem is Softbank’s servers are on their knees and they couldn’t activate his phone. It’s that crazy…

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