iPhone pricing details announced officially

A press release just appeared on Softbank’s website and suddenly Twitter went ablaze: the official pricing details for the iPhone have been published.

iphone on softbank

Here’s the lowdown:

  • 7,280円 per month for basic white plan and unlimited data
  • 960円 per month for the 8GB version, 1,440円 per month for the 16GB version (for 24 months)
  • specific email address for [email protected] (normal plans are [email protected])

Of course, these prices are without any calling minutes. I wonder if I’m going to be able to get the iPhone without any plan, activate it and use my corporate Softbank SIM card in it.

5 thoughts on “iPhone pricing details announced officially”

  1. “unlimited data”

    I hope we’ll get a “real unlimited” data plan.

    It’s a liiiiiittle bit pricey but that’s fine with me. 3 weeks to go and bye bye AU

  2. without the special discount, the 16GB iPhone is 3,360円 x 24 months
    that probably means 80,640円 for buying one-shot without a plan

  3. bitch!
    I remember how you refused to use iTunes or get an iPod for such a long time, how far have you come since then…
    now buying an iPhone 1st gen. 2 weeks before the new iPhone 3G comes out twice cheaper, that’s not very strategic

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