Blacklisting words in Twitter Tools

There’s a new game trending on Twitter these days, Spymaster, and it likes to write out stuff to your twitter feed. There’s a good controversy running on the web whether these tweets are spam or not. I’m playing and I’ve set it up to tweet out only level ups which is pretty minimalist.

However, I am also running the Twitter Tools plugin to copy my tweets back from twitter to my blog. But if I’m fine with exposing my twitter followers with #spymaster notifications, I’d rather not show them to my blog readers.

There is no way currently in the plugin to exclude tweets based on words, so I made a patch for it:

blacklist in the twitter tools options menu

You can download the patch for the current 1.6 version and apply it with the following command:

patch twitter-tools.php < twittertools-blacklist.patch

I hope this feature will make it in the next version of the plugin.

Twitter integration

As you might have noticed, in the past weeks I have more tightly integrated my twitter messages into the blog. When they used to just show up in the sidebar, they are now posted simultaneously here as full blog posts, albeit with a special minimalistic styling.


You can clickity-click on the cute blue birdie to go to the post page and comment, as with every other post, on the inane stuff I post there. This wonder of technology is brought to you by the twitter tools wordpress plugin and my awesome coding skills.

Alas, I know some of you are already following my tweets on your twitter account and might find the double punch effect of reading these messages twice, in your twitter timeline and in your RSS feedreader, a bit overwhelming.


Which is why I created an extra RSS feed to which you can subscribe and get only the fat fleshy blog posts, free of the 140 characters tweets. You can switch to that, I won’t begrudge you…

Playing with Twitter

Twitterific for MacI’ve started using Twitter today and implemented it on my blog’s sidebar with the cool Twitter Tools plugin. You can see my latest entries to the right, under the search on the main page of the blog.

I’ll use that to post all the one-liner updates that I never bother to post here for fear of breaking my pretty blogging structure. It’s also usable via my keitai so I can post on the go.

You can see my twitter profile and add me if you’d like. If you plan on signing up, be careful, I can see it becoming really addictive.