WWDC Keynote

Tonight (at least in Japanese time) is Steve Job’s WWDC Keynote. It is widely accepted that he will be announcing the new 3G enabled iPhone and I am secretly hoping he will give us a release date for Japan live from the Moscone West.

These past weeks, I’ve been developing a live-blogging system for my other website to cover the event minute by minute. It’s a challenge to devise a system, both software and hardware-wise, capable of handling the huge loads involved in such a big event. We are expecting more than 50.000 persons to follow the Keynote via MacBidouille.

Until now, all our attempts have failed. But this time, I’m trying something new with an Ajax based interface running on the new Google App Engine platform. It’s been really fun using a new technology, Python, on Google’s own architecture.

I have no idea if this new system will withstand the load this year, especially with the tight quotas in place for the beta phase of App Engine. But I sure hope Steve announces the iPhone launch in Japan starting tomorrow and I’ll take the day-off to rush to the Apple Store in Ginza as soon as it opens…

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